About us



CYBEXPSU is a unique next-generation Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity that integrates research & development with real-life services and cybersecurity solutions

Our Mission

Innovate and collaborate to establish a cybersecurity culture through professional training, indigenize technology, provide proactive cybersecurity defenses and intelligent universal solutions based on advanced research and development.

Our Vision

Induce a regional intelligent cybersecurity movement that reflects positively on the security and prosperity of the world and become a one-stop hub for Cybersecurity services and innovative research.

Our Objectives


Provide advanced cybersecurity services to build effective cyber defenses in enterprises and organizations


Establish a crowd sourcing and collaboration culture to benefit from community expertise and talented developers and establish capacity building educational, training and certification programs plus challenge and competition programs to develop skills and encourage innovations


Develop and provide smart cybersecurity solutions that address community and organization needs


Conduct high quality applied research to advance knowledge and solve problems in all areas of cybersecurity