Cyber Range Training & Awareness

Cyber Range Training & Awareness

Based on the high demands of cybersecurity and our long experience in education and training, CYBEXPSU provides practical pragmatic training programs that address practical needs and solve real problems.

Most of our training programs are hands-on and lab based.

We provide both fixed solutions and customized services for organizations. The list is long and open. Following are samples of the services and solutions we offer:

  1. Specialized Cybersecurity Trainings and Certifications
  2. Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  3. Ethical Hacking
  4. Penetration Testing
  5. Certified Network Defender
  6. Certified Security Analyst
  7. Certified SOC Analyst
  8. Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
  9. Certified Chief Information Officer

Advanced Cyber Range Training:

provides intensive, immersion training designed to help you and your staff master the practical steps necessary for defending systems and networks against the most dangerous threats – the ones being actively exploited. The courses are full of important and immediately useful techniques that you can put to work as soon as you return to your offices. They were developed through a consensus process involving hundreds of administrators, security managers, and information security professionals and address security fundamentals and awareness and the in-depth technical aspects of the most crucial areas of IT security.

CYBEXPSU training can be taken in a classroom setting from CYBEXPSU-certified instructors, self-paced over the Internet. Also offers a Work-Study Program through workshop and laboratory and simulation. Simulations are most definitely expected to pull their weight on the educational rewards because their doing so is substantial.

CYBEXPSU Instructors

CYBEXPSU Instructors comprise a select group of highly educated skilled, practitioners who have earned respect and recognition as being among the top minds in the field of cybersecurity. Not only have these individuals proven their expertise in the field, they have demonstrated extraordinary ability to train others to advance their own capabilities.