Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers

CYBEXPSU provides a complete private secure cloud solution open for subscription. The main purpose of the solution is to support other managed services and provide safe secure haven for national hosting. Our clients can host their systems on our cloud and save themselves the troubles and costs of IT management. All levels of hosting are provided, including software-as-a-Service, Platform as-a-Service, Infrastructure as-a-Service. Clients can rent virtual machines, dedicated servers or even full data centers. Security on the cloud is guaranteed by design.

In addition all our managed security services are provided through our local private cloud, combining the benefits of the cloud and full guarantees of privacy and confidentiality, since our cloud is not exposed as a public cloud.

Our cloud solution is designed for your business. Our services are taken care of by specialized well-trained experts that help our clients to move to the cloud following a seamless process, from analysis & design to the full solution.

Our experts help our clients assess, evaluate, and plan transitions and migrations to cloud computing services.

Best in class productivity and collaboration tools, security, device management, and our clear care, fully managed support offerings are all cornerstones of the Next level program designed for small and medium-sized business.

Begin the process with a no-obligation upfront cloud assessment of your business network – we measure the existing physical, virtual, and network elements to understand the current application workloads and their performance profiles so we can accurately identify the optimal cloud computing configuration and plan.

CYBEXPSU cloud computing environment allows businesses and their employees to interact & collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.  Whether you are at home, in the office or on a business trip, users can easily share, edit, and publish documents almost instantly across any web-enabled device.  Many factors come into play when considering making a move to “the cloud.”  We will be with you every step of the way.

Business Cloud Computing Discovery Process:

Let our team help you with effective cloud computing planning and strategy designing that allows you to adopt a cloud architecture smoothly without any hassles of time delays or cost overruns. CYBEXPSU’s cloud computing discovery process allows you to work hand and hand with our team of experts, who will help you discover your specific needs and customize a cloud-based solution that fits your business.  During this process, we will provide you with a detailed analysis that includes current hardware, costs of replacing or eliminating hardware with a cloud-based option. You will be equipped to make an informed decision on the option for you & your technology.

Executing a cloud service configuration according to your custom needs, we’ll help you migrate your entire business to the cloud, everything from your crucial business data to business applications, so that you can get back to running your business, on the cloud, at the earliest. With offices around the kingdom and 24/7 support offices, we ensure you’ll get the client service experience you deserve on your transition to “CYBEXPSU Cloud.” Talk to our cloud service consulting experts so we can begin planning a secure, seamless, and successful cloud implementation and migration for you right away.